Block vs Shell & Tube

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So why do customers still request cylindrical block heat exchangers?

In the early years of graphite heat exchangers, cylindrical block was a common design. Isostatic molded graphite block material was readily available. As extrusion methods advanced and fully graphitized tubes became available, the shell and tube design became the more viable option. Why?

The total lifetime cost of ownership of a graphite shell and tube heat exchanger is less than a graphite cylindrical block heat exchanger.

So why do customers still request cylindrical block heat exchangers?              

Because that’s what they know and because there are instances in which a low fixed shell side flow-rate, large temperature range, or length restriction might make the block unit more competitive.

CG Thermal also has repair services?

We have two locations in Twinsburg, OH and Port Allen, LA to be responsive to your needs. If your process is down and you need an emergency repair, we can address just that immediate concern and return the unit to you in the most expedient manner. Or, more time is available, we will provide a thorough inspection of the unit and offer our recommendations to refurbish the unit back to OEM quality. Our approach is to consult with you regarding your options and allow you to determine which degree of refurbishment is appropriate for your circumstances.


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