Process Technology Solutions for Harsh and Corrosive Process Streams

Process System Designs & Turn-Key Systems: Ceramic, Graphite, Fluoropolymer, Heat Exchangers, & Lined Components

CG Thermal partners with our customers to provide process technology solutions for harsh and corrosive process streams. With transparency and innovation, we strive to minimize operational costs and maximize productivity by finding and supplying the best technologies, solutions, and expertise worldwide. 


Impervite graphite

Our proprietary, impregnated graphite is an industry leader in thermal shock resistance and service life.

umax ceramic shell & tube heat exchanger

Umax Advanced ceramic

The most universally corrosion-and-erosion resistant material in the chemical processing industry.

fluoropolymer lined components

fluoropolymer lined components

Providing superior chemical resistance along with thermal stability and high purity, non- bonding surfaces.

relative operating costs of heat exchangers

Is it time to consider upgrading your graphite or alloy HX to a Umax Ceramic HX?

CG Thermal Product Bulletin

Thank you for your interest in CG Thermal and our products.  We would be very interested in working with you to determine the equipment most suitable for your process. We hope to be responsive to your needs and work closely with you to be certain all your requirements are addressed.  You can Download  our heat exchanger product bulletin here for your reference.

Receiving Instructions

If you have equipment on order, this is where you can  Download  the receiving instructions documents that will be attached to the shipment. 

Product Summary

This summary gives you a quick reference of our heat exchanger products as a starting point to assist you in deciding which product is best suited for your process.

cg thermal brochure

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