Technical Documentation

Titanium Pickling & Chem-milling

 A properly designed system is the key to maximizing productivity.  Although the basic process system design is well established, no two chem milling or pickling systems are completely alike. CG Thermal offers custom designed solutions to address the challenges unique to your facility.

Close temperature control is critical for consistent quality.  CG Thermal can provide a complete skid mounted system complete with pumping, piping and controls to maintain the close temperature control required to maintain quality and maximize production.

The heart of the system is the Umax Advanced Ceramic heat exchanger.  Your requirements will be evaluated by our thermal design engineers and we will provide a thermal performance guarantee to back our recommendations.

The Umax tube and Teflon tube sheets have excellent compatibility with  the HF / HNO3 acid bath composition most commonly used for processing titanium and many stainless steel alloys.                                                                                                                                                                        

The unique design of the Umax  supports preventative maintenance as well as field repair.  This means more cooling capacity and minimal downtime.  All totaled, the Umax is the lowest OPEX solution.

CG Thermal considers us your partner in process design.  We provide skid mounted acid dilution systems custom designed for your process requirements.  If you are not looking for a skid mounted system, we can provide a menu of engineering services to sync with your in house capabilities, or just the components per your specifications.