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Phenolic impregnation services for custom graphite components

CG Thermal offers time-proven phenolic impregnation that has stood up to the rigors of the chemical processing industry to customers for their unique graphite components.  We serve many markets, each having their unique requirements.  The most common reason for impregnating graphite is to fill the voids of the porous “raw” graphite making it impervious to fluids. However,  impregnation is also used to strengthen the graphite and to fill voids thereby protecting the graphite against environmental conditions.

Whether we supply the graphite or you ship us your graphite for impregnation,  you will receive the unique benefits of the Impervite® impregnation system.  In addition to our proprietary phenolic resin and impregnation system design, our quality control is second to none.  This includes receiving inspection of the resin, close monitoring of temperatures and pressures, rinsing between cycles to eliminate glazing, pressure testing and visual inspection.

We have added significant impregnation capacity over the last several years.  Therefore, we are capable of processing large batches of components with large diameters and long lengths.  However, CG Thermal has always considered small projects to be as important as the largest ones, and the same holds for impregnation service. We are pleased to serve customers requiring impregnation for only a couple small graphite pieces.  Contact us and let us know we can assist you.





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