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Graphite Impregnation Services
engineered heat transfer systems

CG Thermal offers time-proven, proprietary, full penetration phenolic impregnation of customer supplied graphite components. We serve many markets, each having their unique requirements. The most common reasons for impregnating graphite are to increase the strength and/or make the base graphite material impervious. 

Phenolic Impregnation of Custom Graphite Components

The self-lubricating properties, high operating temperature capabilities, superior electrical and thermal conductivity, and superior corrosion resistance make graphite well-suited for many commercial applications. In many applications, the use of phenolic resin to increase the strength and/or make the material impervious can be advantageous. CG Thermal has perfected the industry leading proprietary Impervite® impregnation system that will ensure complete impregnation throughout the entire thickness of your component.


Phenolic-impregnated custom graphite components offer an ideal solution for heat exchangers, vacuum nozzle liners, column internals, and linings used in industries with harsh or corrosive process environments. Graphite is particularly well suited to processes that utilize hydrochloric acid and other chlorine-based acids, phosphoric acid, and sulfuric acid, such as those found in fertilizer, agro-chem, VCM, chloro-alkali, and viscose production.

Another important and growing market for Impregnated graphite plates can be found in the electronics and developing fuel cell and battery technologies.

Impervite® Graphite Impregnation by CG Thermal

Whether we supply the graphite or you ship us your graphite for impregnation, you will receive the unique benefits of the Impervite® impregnation system. In addition to our proprietary phenolic resin and impregnation system design, our quality control is second to none. This includes receiving inspection of the resin, close monitoring and recording of the temperature and pressure cycles, process to eliminate glazing on the surfaces between cycles to ensure maximum impregnation depth, pressure testing, and visual inspection.

The experts at CG Thermal have developed a four-step process for impregnating graphite of all shapes and sizes, from thin graphite plates for fuel cells to large heat exchanger blocks and tubesheets. This process includes:

  1. Heating the graphite to eliminate contamination/moisture
  2. Subjecting graphite to a high vacuum to remove air from voids and then flooding those voids with resin
  3. Pressurizing the tank to maximize resin penetration depth
  4. Polymerizing the resin to desired hardness via a precision heating process

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Impregnated Graphite Solutions from CG Thermal

We have significant impregnation resources capable of processing large batches of components with large diameters and long lengths. However, CG Thermal has always considered small projects to be as important as the largest ones, and the same holds true for our impregnation service. We are pleased and well equipped to serve customers requiring impregnation for smaller components and test batches.  Please contact us and let us know how we can assist you.