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Custom engineered heat transfer systems
engineered heat transfer systems

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CG Thermal fully understands the specialized needs of markets and of the customers we serve, many of whom demand custom-designed heat exchangers to meet very specific process and/or plant conditions.

Therefore, we have available within CG Thermal extensive thermal and mechanical design resources which we apply to our customers’ needs. Our design team, with an aggregated experience of over 125 years, includes mechanical and chemical engineers with much expertise in specialized heat transfer systems and design. We use state-of-the-art design software to help design and fabricate custom designed units which better meet your project requirements than standard, off-the-shelf and competitor models.

Some examples of customization which deliver value to our customers include, but are not limited to, higher design temperature/pressure ratings, use of fluoropolymer lined components, additional Code stamp requirements, special block designs, specific thermal restrictions (heat flux, thermo-siphon operation, falling film etc.), and custom nozzle designs and locations.

In summary, we will work with you to build the unit to your specifications, rather than ask you to take the nearest “Standard Catalog Design” units.


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  • 125 years of engineering & design experience

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