Heat Exchangers

Cubic block heat exchangers. Increase your product quality.
cubic block heat exchangers

  • Small Envelope Size
  • Excellent for inter-changer service (corrosive both sides).
  • Good for low temperature approach or temperature cross.
  •  Easy access to both sides of unit
  • Fabricated Steel heads
  •  Fully shrouded graphite lined heads.
  •  Full ASME code stamp
  • Can be made to match dimension of existing units.

Cubic Block

Impervite® cubic block heat exchangers offer the maximum heat transfer area in the smallest envelope size. In high fouling applications, easy access to both process and service holes make cleaning convenient and simple. Our cubic design is very well suited for inter-changer applications.

Impervite® is a composite material consisting of a graphite substrate impregnated using a proprietary phenolic impregnation process. Impervite is ideally suited for processing mixed acids, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, waste acids, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It has excellent machining, physical, and thermal properties.

CG Thermal Impervite® cubic block heat exchangers offer many of the same features as our heavy duty cylindrical block heat exchangers and are fabricated using the same high quality impervious graphite, but typically at a lower investment cost.

  • Maximum heat transfer area in minimum envelope size
  • High thermal efficiency, even with low temperature approach and temperature cross
  • Single piece, monolithic Impervite® cubic element
  • All the metal components can be supplied with a full ASME SEC VIII Div 1 code stamp
  • Design allows easy access to both the service and process side of the unit, making them easy to clean and maintain


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