Sour Gas Stripper

Sour Water is wastewater produced by refineries. Sour water typically contains hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. It is desirable to remove these so the water can be reused by the plant.

The sour water is feed into a flash drum, where light hydrocarbons are flashed off. The sour water is heated via an Interchanger by the stripper column bottoms. The stream is then fed to the stripper column. A side stream is drawn off the bottoms to a reboiler. The steam, generated in the reboiler, vaporizes the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ammonia (NH3) leaving behind the stripped water. The stripped water from the column is cooled in the interchanger and further in the product cooler. The H2S and NH3 removed from the sour water is cooled in the pump around cooler system and sent to the sulfur recovery unit for further processing.

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