Heat Exchangers

Increase your product quality with Umax ceramic heat exchangers.


umax ceramic heat exchangers
  • Immune to erosion and corrosion.
  • High thermal conductivity with exceptionally high strength and hardness.
  • Individual tube replacement
  • ASME code design
  • Carbon steel shell with SST and lined options
  • Multi-pass construction available
  • PTFE tubesheet with SIC optional

Umax Ceramic Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Umax® shell and tube heat exchangers utilize Umax advanced ceramic tubing, coupled with PTFE tube sheets and corrosion resistant o-rings; resulting in the industry’s most corrosion resistant heat exchanger.

Umax® ceramic shell & tube heat exchangers are the preferred technology in demanding corrosive applications compared to expensive reactive metals and exotic materials, vulnerable glass, graphite, or not-so-conductive teflon units. Recommended process fluids include mixed acids, hydrofluoric acid, free halogens and caustics.

The extreme hardness, high theoretical density, excellent strength properties, and absence of free silicon make Umax advanced ceramic inherently corrosion and erosion proof. It is the preferred material choice for processes involving mixed acids, bromine, hydrofluoric acid, free halogens, caustic, and other very aggressive reducing or oxidizing environments.

  • Umax® advanced ceramic is inherently corrosion and erosion-proof. All Umax® tubing carries with it a two year unconditional guarantee against corrosion and erosion.
  • If required, the tubes can easily be replaced in the field using common tools.
  • Extremely resistant to fouling.
  • 100% resistant to thermal shock and erosion damage throughout its operating range.
  • Designed and tested per ASME SEC VIII Div 1, TEMA, ANSI, ASTM, and stringent in-house standards.

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