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CG Thermal is a leading chemical process system design manufacturer of heat exchangers, absorbers, and process equipment OEM with strong technical capabilities in thermal and mechanical design. We combine our extensive heat/mass transfer knowledge and fabrication capabilities with design and process expertise to deliver optimal, proven processing technology while incurring the lowest possible capital and operating expenses (CAPEX/OPEX) for the customer.

We understand that the engineering specifications for industrial process equipment are as different as the customers themselves, so we are dedicated to working within your framework to provide the custom services that your job requires.

CG Thermal offers four options to address the needs of our customers:


  • Turnkey Packaged System — Custom designed skid package system may include instrumentation, PLC, HMI, piping, electric and platforms, ladders, and other safety features per job requirements
  • Consulting Services — Trouble-shooting, optimizing, and evaluating of existing plant operations
  • Engineering Design Package — Complete engineering and operations design and documentation including Haz-Op review on customer site, and controls and control instrument loops
  • Major Equipment Package — Exchangers, vessels, pumps, filters, controls, drums, tanks, etc.

Areas of Expertise

CG Thermal has extensive experience with chemical process system design and heat and mass transfer with particular focus on aggressive acids such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, and bromine. Our team of experts will assist you in designing the optimum solution for the application at hand. Our expertise extends to system designs such as:

  • Dilution. Properly designed dilution systems work to address exothermic reactions and control product quality in industries like chemical processing, steel, refining, battery manufacturing, and more. CG Thermal manufactures skid-mounted, sulfuric acid dilution systems that can be custom-designed to address a variety of process requirements. We use Umax Advanced Ceramic or Impervite ® impervious graphite heat exchangers for their outstanding resistance to corrosion and thermal efficiency.
  • Synthesis. Responsible for combustion, cooling of gas, absorption, and solution cooling, the synthesis process works to extract and optimize the ideal properties from reaction products. Synthesis minimizes environmental impacts and improves production safety and efficiency. At CG Thermal, we offer a unique burner design that results in an optimal CAPEX/OPEX solution.
  • Scrubbers. Scrubbers control air pollution by removing particulate matter or gases from the air in chemical processing, steel production, and other industries. CG Thermal offers a variety of solutions and process system approaches to accomplish this, including sour gas stripping, stream conditioning, and VOC stream stripping.
  • Absorption. The absorption process increases acid concentrations for feedstock, either isothermally or adiabatically. The absorption method impacts the maximum concentration of acid that can be maintained in a liquid, as well as the temperature at which the process can be carried out.
  • Desorption. Thermal desorption systems use heat to increase contaminant volatility — often AHCL in gas or liquid form — so that it can be removed from production for reuse or disposal.
  • Recovery. Acid waste is one of the most hazardous manufacturing byproducts — and also among the most expensive in terms of disposal. Recovery and reuse of these chemicals can reduce operating costs and improve environmental sustainability. With a complete line of fluoropolymer-lined components, our vacuum recovery systems concentrate H2S04 using a single- or multiple-effect arrangement.
  • Azeotrope breaking. A required process when producing AHCL from HCL, azeotrope breaking (distillation) involves adding components to create a heterogeneous lower-boiling azeotrope. At CG Thermal, we can design vacuum-pressure or positive-pressure azeotrope breaking systems.
  • Temperature control. Temperature control is vital in chemical milling, pickling, and other applications in which thermal precision is necessary to maintain product quality. Our team can produce a complete nitric acid skid-mounted system that includes the essential components — pumping, piping, and controls — to accurately moderate temperature and maximize production.

Partner with CG Thermal for Optimal Plant Productivity

CG Thermal customers rely on our expertise in chemical process system design for thermal modeling, material selection, installation, and maintenance. We have developed close relationships with industry experts in every field that we work within. We collaborate with these partners to enhance our complete system process design and system build capabilities.

We pride ourselves on transparency, encouraging an open dialogue between our internal teams and our customers to inform the development of an optimal solution. We listen closely to our customers and anticipate their needs. This spirit of continuous improvement, fosters innovation in all of our products and services to develop ideal solutions that maximize the competitive positions of our customers.

We offer enhanced corrosion resistance to minimizing CAPEX on all our products as a central part of our company mission. To this end, we work closely with our technology partners and design team to recommend the most appropriate material for your process conditions, including standard and special metal alloy alternatives.

For more information on our process technologies, contact us today.

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