High-Temperature Engineered Solutions

Temperature & Flow Mapping to Eliminate Thermal Stress & Corrosion for Improved Plant Reliability


Challenge Accepted!


Unique customers and process streams require High-Temperature Engineered Solutions, with an emphasis on custom-tailored designs. Utilizing temperature and flow mapping, our engineering team develops a digital twin of the ideal unit for every individual stream to allow for accurate, true-to-life modeling. The result is industry-leading design solutions to eliminate thermal stress and corrosion common in these environments, offering improved reliability.

The CG Thermal Experience:

  • High-temperature design expertise
  • Unique design for your unique reliability challenge
  • Adaptable solutions for high-temperature
  • Responsiveness and agility
  • Transparency of results
  • Customer input to ensure success


We want to see your plant succeed!

AirBTU VPRR High-Temperature Gas Recuperator

By integrating an AirBTU VPRR heat transfer solution, industry professionals can avoid common pitfalls and “design in” reliability and efficiency.

AirBTU VPRR features:


  • Tube wall temperature mapping
  • Eliminates stress failures
  • Reduces pressure drops
  • Maximizes thermal efficiency
  • Minimizes maintenance downtime

AirBTU HTXP High-Temperature and High-Pressure Exchanger

Using an innovative design including a novel application of high performance insulation the AirBTU HTXP allows for thermal expansion, without the material stresses typical in high-temperature and high-pressure process streams.

AirBTU HTXP features:


  • Allows for thermal expansion without causing material stress
  • Supports both high temperature and high pressure streams
  • Eliminates hot spots and maintains suitable material temperatures
  • Easy disassembly for repair and cleaning
  • Optimal design allows for lower CAPEX

High-Temperature Engineered Solutions

With a hands-on approach and customer-focused discovery process, our engineers develop a plan to mitigate inefficiencies and improve plant reliability. Engineering analysis results are provided with or without a fabrication contract – we want to see your plant succeed!

What to expect:


  • Site audit
  • Engineering analysis and design
  • CFD / FEA / ASME B31.3 analysis where applicable
  • Duct strain analysis
  • Fabrication and installation drawings provided
  • Execution consulting available
  • Materials and supplies recommendation
  • Fabrication, controls and instruments, fan packages

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