Chem Milling

These Umax heat exchangers are part of a system to provide cooling and maintain close temperature control for a titanium chem milling process.

unique and innovative lining solution

4mm PFA loose lined tank with PTFE encapsulated support frame and bonded PTFE top connection plate liner designed for 200F @ 14.3 psia. The frame was included to support the liner if the tank sees higher vacuum conditions.

Impervite with 316SST shell

designed for lethal service, our quality assurance team worked closely with inspectors, project engineers, and suppliers to make sure all materials, methods, calculations, and testing was completed and properly documented.

Impervite Graphite Shell and Tube Evaporator

with SST shell and 2″ OD graphite tubes.  This heat exchanger is installed at a major plant that is a supplier of phosphoric acid to the fertilizer industry.

Impervite Graphite for Production of Fertilizer

Model 20-144 Impervite® graphite shell and tube and Model C150/150 cubic heat exchangers for service in the production of fertilizer.

Variety of Shell Material Options

This Impervite® graphite shell and tube were provided with an optional stainless steel shell.

Umax Ceramic for Battery Manufacturing 

for removing the heat of sulfuric acid dilution.  The Umax design is easy to maintain and its advanced SIC ceramic tubes provide superior corrosion and erosion resistance.

Twin Condensers Operating in Series

These Impervite graphite shells and tube heat exchangers are part of a process cleaning from soil containing hazardous organic compounds.

Zero Discharge Desalination

A series of Impervite graphite shell and tube heat exchangers and falling film evaporators are incorporated into this state-of-the-art facility to provide additional water and useful products from the brine waste stream.

Condenser with Water-cooled Inlet Head

This HCL condenser for use in the production of polymer stabilizers has a water-cooled jacket around the graphite inlet head to extend the life of the graphite and provide pre-cooling of the inlet gas.

2-Pass Umax Ceramic with SST Shell

Chosen for its immunity to corrosion and erosion, and further enhanced with custom materials and Bonnet design features to meet thermal and physical requirements.

Umax Ceramic Packaged for shipment

The reliability and design of the Umax Ceramic keeps customers coming back for more.  This is the 4th Umax purchased by this customer in 4 years.

Umax Ceramic Shell & Tube Condenser

Chosen for its immunity to corrosion and erosion, and further enhanced with custom materials and Bonnet design features to meet thermal and physical requirements.

Interiors of custom-designed reactors

A customized solution was required that used a transfer molding technique when this customer came to us looking to replace their existing immersion pipe that had failed.

Umax HCL Heat Exchanger

The 11th for company-wide used to heat the HCL pickling tanks.  The Umax is replacing the old tantalum technology as those units fail.  #12 and #13 are going through production and will be shipping in the next several months.

30” Diameter Cylindrical Block

(3) 30” diameter Impervite graphite cylindrical block heat exchangers with water cooled inlet process head were provided to duplicate the original units, eliminating the need for piping or support modifications.

upgrade to maximize product output

Having had failure of a hastolley vessel,  a carbon steel vessel with seamless, rotolined 7mm thick  ETFE was chosen for the highly corrosive process.

HCL Condenser for Biorefinery

This 24″ diameter shell holds a 204″ long Impervite® graphite tube bundle.  The heat exchanger will cool HCL in the process of formulating bio-fuels.

Umax Ceramic Shell and Tube Condenser

This HF/ Nitric condenser with ceramic tubes is installed as part of a process to reclaim precious metals.

Umax Ceramic Shell and Tube Design

390 ft2 Umax Ceramic shell and tube heat exchanger.

Custom Designed Process Equipment

Model S38-240 Impervite graphite shell and tube exchanger with SST shell and FRP heads.

HCL Absorber

This falling film absorber cooler (FFCA) is a dimensional duplicate of the obsolete model that it replaces.

Umax Ceramic Assists in Gold Leaching Process

This ceramic shell and tube heat exchanger removes the heat of dilution in the production of caros acid used to neutralize cyanide used in the extraction of gold.

Multi-Blox Impervite Graphite Heat Exchanger

An integral part of this process producing specialty chemicals used as intermediates for the pharmaceutical, personal care, and imaging industries.

Heat Exchangers to Maintain a HCL Bath Temps

These Umax Advanced Ceramic Shell and Tube heat exchangers were chosen to replace the existing graphite exchangers.  In addition to the thermal efficiency and the corrosion and erosion resistance of the ceramic,  field serviceability is the critical feature for our customers.

Pickler Sandardizers on Umax Ceramic

This is (1) of (7) Umax Ceramic pickling exchangers installed at our customer’s facility which sees continued reliability in operation and ease in maintenance through years of service.

Pipe Spool Carrying Weak Nitric Acid

This spool was provided with a 5mm bonded ETFE liner for nitric acid service under vacuum

Impervite Cubic Block Heat Exchangers

These (3)  Model C400/400 were exported to China for use in steel processing.

HCL Condenser

This S24-288 model has a 24 “diameter casing with a beam of 2 passes Impervite® graphite tubes 24 feet in length and serves as a condenser for the production of fertilizer.

Impervite Graphite Heat Exchanger

One of (5) Impervite graphite shell and tube heat exchangers to be installed into a modular process system.  This shipped to the assembler, where it was mounted in the module for shipment to the plant location.

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