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Graphite Heat Exchangers. Less downtime. Lower Maintenance.
graphite heat exchangers
  • Tubes
    • 1.25″OD / 7/8″ID
    • 2.0″OD / 1.5″ID
    • 1.5″OD / 1.0″ ID
    • Carbon fiber wrapped
  • Tubesheets
  • Blocks
    • Impervite, phenolic
    • PFTE impregnate
    • Cylindrical / Cubic
  • Tower sections
  • Distribution heads


Impervite ® impervious graphite is a composite material consisting of a graphite base material impregnated with a proprietary resin using a well controlled process.  Impervite impervious graphite heat exchangers are ideally suited for processed involving the heating and cooling, condensing and evaporating of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, mixed acids, chlorinated hydrocarbons and many other highly corrosive fluids. By carefully measuring the resin properties and matching the characteristics of the graphite, we can guarantee a final product that consistently meets our mechanical and thermal and corrosion resistant standards. In addition to our Impervite® impervious graphite components, CG Thermal also provides carbon fiber wrapped tube and PTFE impregnated graphite blocks for those customers with specialized requirements.  

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