Repair, Rebuild, Refurbish
cg thermal heat exchanger repair
cg thermal heat exchanger refurbish

Repair, Rebuild, Refurbish

We understand your need to maintain a safe, reliable, and profitable operation.  Our technicians and engineers work with graphite and ceramic heat exchangers day in and day out.  Our staff’s combined experience of over 150 years allows us to evaluate the condition of your unit and provide you with the options and recommendations that will maximize the value and operational life of each and every repair.

We have two locations in Twinsburg, OH and Port Allen, LA to be responsive to your needs.  If your process is down and you need an emergency repair, we can address just that immediate concern and return the unit to you in the most expedient manner.  Or, if more time is available, we will provide a thorough inspection of the unit and offer our recommendations to refurbish the unit back to OEM quality.  Our approach is to consult with you regarding your options and allow you to determine which degree of refurbishment is appropriate for your circumstances.

CG Thermal’s extensive experience makes us uniquely capable to evaluate and make recommendations regarding the refurbishment and repair of your existing equipment. We have seen just about everything graphite and ceramic. We have serviced units built from the 1970’s to current designs; Of all designs including falling film absorbers and evaporators, condensers, interchangers; And from all manufacturers that have come and gone over the years including Kearney, Carborundum, Metaullics, Karbate and Vicarb as well as current Mersen (Carbone) and SGL designs.  We are in a unique position to respond to your needs with speed, knowledge and experience.

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