Pexgol Piping

Innovative Solution

Pexgol is an industrial-grade crosslinked polyethylene pipe, designed to transport your most abrasive fluids.  Capable of operating at higher pressures and having a maximum design temperature of 230F, Pexgol is the best solution for your most challenging lines.

Expert team

Pexgol is supported by a team of highly qualified experts that provide planning, field installation supervision, and direct technical support.  Elbows are custom made to provide for the layout you or our experts have designed in order to maximize the pipe’s longevity and minimize fouling

Crosslinked polymers

These superior qualities are the result of crosslinking the polymer layers.  These additional chemical bonds give the material its memory and eliminate the creep, point loading, and stress cracking associated with other polymer pipe materials.

Wide Range of applications

Pexgol pipes have excellent resistance to temperature extremes, corrosion, and abrasion making it an ideal conduit for a wide range of industrial applications. Pexgol pipes offer a successful, cost-effective solution where conventional pipes. Fall short Pexgol pipes are a good solution for dewatering lines. They can be supplied in any required pressure class in long continuous lengths that can be dragged on the ground to the final location. They do not require anchoring along the line. Also offering pre-insulated carrier pipe for infrastructure applications.

Low Install Costs

Pexgol can be delivered on spools, limited only by shipping methods. These long lengths mean installation time, with many fewer joints than other options. Joining is made easy with electro-fusion, slip-on flange, or groove type fitting options.

Pexgol Piping




  • Corrosion resistant polymer composition compared with hardened steel
  • Reduced Erosion with highly abrasive fluids
  • Increasing reliability associated will less joints
  • Cross linking strengthens bonds
  • Low friction surface and flexible piping design eliminate or
  • Operating temperature range -50c (-58f) up to 110c (230f)
  • Wear resistance 3-6 times of HDPE & 4 times Carbon Steel
  • Corrosion resistance suitable for H2SO4, H2PO4, Chlorides and other highly corrosive fluids
  • Immune to Creep
  • Minimize installation cost and time since pipe is provided in long coil
  • Further reduce installation cost and time with easy joining options
  • Maximize operational life with premium material, flexible design, and expertise.