AirBTU VPRR - The ideal solution for Catalyst Operations

Our AirBTU VPRR (Variable Pitch Radial Recuperator) possesses unique properties, making it the ideal solution for catalyst operations. Our team of engineers custom designs each unit in-house. We meticulously comb over every detail of your process stream to deliver a heat exchanger designed specifically for your harsh and corrosive process.

We lead the industry with over 150 years of combined experience developing and manufacturing heat exchangers.

Catalytic operations with high-temperature gas streams are common in acid manufacturing. Most operations involving stacked beds require cooling of the gas stream between catalyst beds. Keeping the stream above the dew point of all its constituents is particularly important to avoid cold-end corrosion. Furthermore, these cold spots promote mineral deposits and ultimately fouling, which can be tenacious and detrimental to system operation.


AirBTU VPRR "Oversize Load" destined for a catalyst operation

Understanding the tube temperature profile allows for more effective control of sub-dewpoint exchanger corrosion. With this knowledge, we can better design the exchanger to eliminate cold spots. Additionally, accurate mapping of the heat transfer surface or tube wall temperatures results in a more optimally designed exchanger. As a result, our heat exchanger is better equipped to maintain wall temperatures above the acid dewpoint. This means better field reliability and less maintenance downtime for your harsh and corrosive process stream.

Ultimately, his makes the AirBTU VPRR truly the ideal solution for catalyst operations.

What else can AirBTU VPRR do?

In addition to catalyst operations, our AirBTU VPRR is suited for a variety of other applications:

  • High-temperature energy storage. The AirBTU VPRR can provide an efficient and reliable means of transferring the energy stored by high-temperature salts and other media.
  • Thermal oxidizers. Additionally, it can preheat ambient intake air using waste heat as part of thermal oxidizer systems used to remove VOCs from exhaust systems.
  • Steel mills. Also, can be used as an air preheater for cooling gas streams for environmental systems.
  • Steel foundries. Finally, it can be utilized to recover heat from flue gases to preheat combustion air going into a metal heat treatment furnace.

We can help.

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