Let’s Celebrate 100 Years – Chlorine Institute Annual Meeting 2024

Let’s Celebrate 100 Years – Chlorine Institute Annual Meeting 2024

Join us in celebrating 100 years of the Chlorine Institute Annual Meeting! Find us at the table-top expo and let’s discuss your harsh and corrosive process streams, and possibilities in Process System Design. On Wednesday, be sure to attend a special presentation by our Engineering Manager, Process and System Design, Robert Grooms, discussing the details of a recent successful HCl Synthesis Performance Recovery Project.

“Chlorine Institute meetings provide an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to network and share best safety practices. This year’s event spans 3-4 days and is filled with luncheons, keynote speakers, forums, and networking receptions! We choose only the best accommodations for our guests and ensure everything from meeting rooms to hotel guest rooms are of the highest quality.” –Chlorine Institute Annual Meeting 2024

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Innovative Materials and Solutions for Harsh & Corrosive Process Streams

At CG Thermal we are decidedly customer-focused, and approach each new project with a desire to achieve our customer’s goals and process requirements in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We have particular expertise in corrosive and high temperature process streams, and provide a range of services from individual equipment to full turnkey systems to engineering design and plant layout consulting.

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PPS-GR: Award-Winning Innovation

CG Thermal award prestigious VAALER award for PPS-GR

The Impervite® PPS-GR Heat Exchanger design incorporates proven tube to tubesheet seal and the field-repairability of our Umax SiC Ceramic Heat Exchanger  with the quality that the industry has long associated with Impervite®. Additionally, the PPS-GR tubes can be used in conjunction with our United States Patented XD tubesheet, capable of pressures up to 150 psig at 400F.

Recently, the PPS-GR design received the prestigious 2023 VAALER Award for Innovation in the Chemical Industry. Click here to learn more about PPS-GR and the award.

Process System Design

We combine our extensive heat/mass transfer knowledge and fabrication capabilities with design and process expertise. The result is optimal, proven processing technology while incurring the lowest possible capital and operating expenses (CAPEX/OPEX) for the customer. Ultimately, team understands that the engineering specifications for industrial process equipment are as different as the customers themselves. We are dedicated to working within your framework to provide the custom services that your job requires. To that end, we offer four options to address these needs:



  • Turnkey Packaged System — Custom designed skid package system may include instrumentation, PLC, HMI, piping, electric and platforms, ladders, and other safety features per job requirements
  • Consulting Services — Trouble-shooting, optimizing, and evaluating of existing plant operations
  • Engineering Design Package — Complete engineering and operations design and documentation including Haz-Op review on customer site, and controls and control instrument loops
  • Major Equipment Package — Exchangers, vessels, pumps, filters, controls, drums, tanks, etc.