Clearwater Conference 2024 – Discussing Chemical Process Technology for 47 Years

Please join us at the 47th Annual Clearwater Conference 2024! Our team of experts is ready to discuss your harsh and corrosive process streams, and help develop custom-tailored solutions to your unique reliability issues. From processing sulfuric acid streams to utilizing innovative materials in phosphoric acid streams, we’re here to help. Join us in celebrating 47 years of the Clearwater Conference – we want to see your plant succeed!

“Each year for the last 46 years, members of the AIChE Central Florida Section and colleagues from all over the world have gathered at Clearwater Beach to share their ideas concerning Chemical Process Technology, specifically the production of Phosphoric Acid, Phosphate Fertilizers, Sulfuric Acid and other Chemical Process Industry Topics. The Convention provides ample excuse for a relaxing getaway with friends and family, good food, and a lot of fun! Hope to see you at Clearwater 2024.” – AIChE Clearwater Conference

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Innovative Materials and Solutions for Harsh & Corrosive Process Streams

At CG Thermal we are decidedly customer-focused, and approach each new project with a desire to achieve our customer’s goals and process requirements in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We have particular expertise in corrosive and high temperature process streams, and provide a range of services from individual equipment to full turnkey systems to engineering design and plant layout consulting.

Let’s discuss your harsh and corrosive process stream today!

PPS-GR: Award-Winning Innovation

PPS-GR tubes in a Phosphoric acid application

The Impervite® PPS-GR Heat Exchanger design incorporates proven tube to tubesheet seal and the field-repairability of our Umax SiC Ceramic Heat Exchanger  with the quality that the industry has long associated with Impervite®. Additionally, the PPS-GR tubes can be used in conjunction with our United States Patented XD tubesheet, capable of pressures up to 150 psig at 400F.

Recently, the PPS-GR design received the prestigious 2023 VAALER Award for Innovation in the Chemical Industry. Click here to learn more about PPS-GR and the award.

High-Temperature Engineered Solutions

AirBTU VPRR installUnique customers and process streams require High-Temperature Engineered Solutions, with an emphasis on custom-tailored designs. Utilizing temperature and flow mapping, our engineering team develops a digital twin of the ideal unit for every individual stream to allow for accurate, true-to-life modeling. The result is industry-leading design solutions to eliminate thermal stress and corrosion common in these environments, offering improved reliability.

The CG Thermal Experience:

  • High-temperature design expertise
  • Unique design for your unique reliability challenge
  • Adaptable solutions for high-temperature
  • Responsiveness and agility
  • Transparency of results
  • Customer input to ensure success

We want to see your plant succeed!