CG Thermal will be hitting the road this week and travelling to Kingsport, Tennessee for the eChem Expo and Conference.

With a booth during the expo on Thursday, April 21, CG Thermal looks to introduce their innovative technologies and products to the attendees. CG Thermal will be in the process, vacuum, heat transfer, and materials area of the expo with a focus on process innovations. With that in mind, they will focus conversations towards their graphite compound tubes (PPS-GR) and their continuing success with their Umax® design. They will also take time to introduce all of their other products and capabilities, such as their process engineering expertise and custom designed process equipment.

eChem Expo was created in year 2000 and has evolved through a series of eleven gatherings mostly every other year. By many, eChemExpo is regarded as the #1 multidisciplinary applied innovation event for the process industry.

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