Meet Our Engineers at Florida Remediation Conference 2022

Mark your calendars for November 16-18, and meet our engineers at Florida Remediation Conference 2022. Our industry experts will be there to discuss solutions for processing corrosive streams in high-temperature remediation.

Meet Our Engineers at Florida Remediation Conference 2022
(c) Florida Remediation Conference (FRC)

“…You are not going to want to miss the 2022 program. We will have the elite of the industry on hand to talk about the forecast for remediation and redevelopment and how it will impact you…

– Florida Remediation Conference (FRC)

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Designing For Solutions

Equipped with extensive experience designing and manufacturing heat and mass transfer equipment, our team of engineers is well-equipped to overcome the challenges harsh and corrosive process streams present. Our goal for every customer is to design the most efficient and cost effective system to maximize safety, minimizes downtime, and improve reliability and serviceability.

Some of the capabilities routinely employed by the CG Thermal team include:

  • Process simulation and modeling. Expects in mass and heat transfer.
  • Material selection. Selection of highly corrosion-resistant materials for the construction of all system components.
  • Structural engineering. Structure designs according to applicable codes.
  • 3D modeling and planning. Equipment and piping layouts.
  • Manufacturing. Fabrication and assembly of equipment, even inside shipping container!
  • Process automation. Design and installation of appropriate instrumentation, wiring, and control documentation.
  • Field start-up assistance. Help with customer set-up in the field, configuration of controls, and starting the system.

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