CG Thermal will be heading to the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida from November 18-19 to exhibit at the Florida Remediation Conference.

Florida Remediation Conference expo

“The Florida Remediation Conference (FRC) is one of the premier soil, air and water remediation conferences of the year.  Though FRC started out as a Florida-centric event 25 years ago, it has developed a solid reputation for fostering the remediation and redevelopment industries across the Southeast.  FRC attracts over 600 attendees comprised of a mix of industry representatives, developers, consultants and contractors, and over 100 exhibitors and sponsors from across the country.  It is far from just being a Florida event.”

This will be the first time CG Thermal has attended this event and they will gear their focus on their process system engineering packages and materials of construction expertise for harsh and corrosive process streams.

CG Thermal completed a turnkey HCl condenser and scrubber system for thermal soil remediation in Sweden this year. That project was to clean up toxic chemicals buried in the ground in the 1970’s by BT Kemi. CG Thermal delivered a complete solution within six months, which was three weeks less than the quoted lead time.

HCl condenser and scrubber system for thermal soil remediation

CG Thermal will be in booth 414 from November 18-19 (Thursday-Friday). If you are interested in attending, register by clicking here and visit CG Thermal’s booth.