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The heat is on - Heat Exchanger World Americas 2022
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“…The dynamic and interactive event will give attendees the opportunity to network with the leading minds driving ahead innovation and excellence in the fields of heat exchanger and heat transfer equipment use, maintenance, and repair…”

– Heat Exchanger World

“During the exhibition, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors will have the chance to showcase their latest products, technologies, services and capabilities, while simultaneously forming new business relationships and reaffirming old ones.” 

Heat Exchanger World Americas 2022 will take place from November 16th and 17th at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, TX. You don’t want to miss it!

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Presentation Topic: Innovative tube to tubesheet sealing mechanisms for improved reliability and maintainability

Impervite PPS-GR tube bundleBe sure to join our technical presentation at Heat Exchanger World Americas! At the show, we will be highlighting our innovative Impervite PPS-GR shell & tube heat exchanger thoroughly. This revolutionary technology features a novel composite graphite tube made available in partnership with Technoform, provides the corrosion resistance expected from traditional impregnated graphite, and also offers unique tube to tube sheet sealing system resulting in ease of maintenance, high reliability, and minimal downtime. Below are just some of the many benefits of Impervite PPS-GR. 

Low Fouling and Ease of Maintenance

The tubes have excellent surface quality which results in a low propensity to foul. Deposits have a weak bond with the tube allowing successful surface cleaning using only water at relatively low pressure. This results in higher overall performance and lower maintenance costs.

Completely Field Repairable

If ever required, individual tubes can be replaced in the field simply and economically without the need for special tools and/or highly specialized welding procedures.

Proprietary Self-Contained Elastomeric Sealing System

The proven tube to tube sheet seal system offers a highly reliable, static, self-contained seal that is 100% leak free with exceptional service life.

Superior Thermal and Mechanical Shock Resistance

Composite graphite tube is much more ductile than traditional impervious graphite tubes, making it more resistant to vibration and other mechanical stresses. Additionally, its low CTE and tube to tubesheet seal offer superior resistance to thermal shock.

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