Are you looking for expert advice on Heat-Transfer Technology? Tune in to Chemical Processing’s Distilled podcast with a guest appearance from CG Thermal Senior Vice President, Greg Becherer. Greg sits down with Executive Digital Editor, Traci Purdum, for an in-depth discussion. Join in as they talk about everything from cutting costs to emerging technologies to corrosive and high temperature applications.

CG Thermal is the industry-leader in customer specific process equipment and technical support as well as consulting and turn-key engineered solutions. We take pride in helping process industry companies of any size, big or small.

“The customer came to us with a project that had an $800,000 price tag. We suggested an option that efficiently and safety reduced the project cost to $185,000. We are very firm believers in bringing in the best technology.”

– Greg Becherer, Senior Vice President, CG Thermal
Greg Becherer, Senior Vice President, CG Thermal provides Expert Advice on Heat-Transfer Technology

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Excerpts from the Podcast

What exactly is CG Thermal’s area of expertise? In the podcast, Greg explains:

“Our design teams include mechanical and chemical engineers with expertise in specialized heat and mass transfer systems and design. Originally, we focused solely on ceramic and graphite heat exchangers (the CG in CG Thermal.) The industries where we can be found include chloro-alkali, vinyl chloride monomer, fertilizers, titanium dioxide, ethylene dichloride, color additives, specialty chemicals, herbicides and pesticides. Our newer markets include high temperature gas recuperation for syngas and carbon-dioxide capture and other green energy technologies, including heat recovery, energy storage and incineration.

We are a good resource for bigger companies but we really like working with medium-sized to smaller-sized companies that have limited engineering resources. We support their engineering team.

Technologies are continuously changing and evolving. When we need additional resources to tackle these challenges, we are not afraid to seek out others with the required expertise and learn new tricks.”

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As industry leaders, we design-in reliability and efficiency in our high temperature gas-to-gas heat exchangers. Want to learn more about common failure modes in standard shell and tube systems? Read our blog post all about cold-end corrosion, cold-end fouling, and other common failure modes.