CG Thermal is sponsoring the inaugural SulfurCon, a one-day, virtual event with presentations on all things sulfur, such as recovery and removal, processing, treating, and more.

This free virtual conference will start at 9 AM EST and end at 12:45 PM. To view the agenda, click here.

AirBTU, High-Temperature VPRR

CG Thermal’s presentation will be about how to design in reliability and efficiency for high temperature gas-to-gas heat exchangers. This will be followed by a 10 minute Q&A with Joan Bova, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Greg Becherer, Senior Vice President.

There will also be virtual booths to highlight more of each company attending with downloadable content.

If you’re involved in the sulfur industry and/or just want to learn more about the latest sulfur technology,
innovations and services available, register by clicking here.