Warsaw, Poland bound for CRU Phosphates 2024

PPS-GR tubes in a Phosphoric acid application - CRU Phosphates 2024CG Thermal is excited to join our industry partners and materials experts Technoform in Warsaw Poland for CRU Phosphates 2024! We’ll be discussing the revolutionary extruded graphite material PPS-GR from Technoform, which offers award-winning innovation in Phosphoric Acid evaporators. Utilizing time-tested heat transfer expertise, our team has developed a shell and tube heat exchanger with low-fouling, corrosion resistance, and a self-contained elastomeric sealing system for quick and easy field maintenance. Learn more about our PPS-GR exchangers, and how we can help minimize plant downtime.

“With its unique combination of strategic insights from industry leaders, and technical and operational developments, CRU Phosphates provided a welcome opportunity for the industry to reconnect in-person for important discussion, debate and business development. The event will connect a global audience from across the international supply chain involved in the phosphate fertilizer, feed and industrial industries. Attendees learnt how the latest technologies are driving sustainability and efficiency improvements in the phosphate industry.” – CRU Group

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Award-Winning Innovation for Phosphoric Acid Evaporators

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