Sulfuric Acid Dilution Systems

Sulfuric acid has an array of uses throughout the chemical processing, steel, refining, and battery industries among a variety of other.

A properly designed dilution system, with attention to materials of construction and control is critical to the obtaining the desired end result.  The concentrated acid is introduced to the feed water in a mixing tee.  Substantial heat is generated in the process, therefore the ratios and rate of dilution must be carefully controlled and monitored.

Regeneration of the spent sulfuric acid is equally important in many cases for economic and environmental reasons.

Commonly supplied at 93% concentration but diluted as a reactant or for its end purpose, its corrosivity and material compatibility will vary greatly with concentration and temperature.  Although Impervite graphite is a suitable choice in many instances, the Umax Advanced Ceramic heat exchanger is becoming the design of choice. 

CG Thermal provides complete, skid mounted sulfuric acid dilution system custom designed for your process requirements.  Optionally, we will provide a menu of engineering services to sync with your in house capabilities. Experience is key.  Our design team of engineers, designers, and technicians will ensure a quality product.

Turnkey System Includes:

  • Custom design to achieve your specified criteria ( dilution rate, concentration and temperature)
  • A quoted option includes a glycol chiller to use as cooling water. This will reduce operating costs significantly and reduce size of HX needed.
  • Conductivity sensors are located after the heat exchanger with flow control valves on acid feed will control product acid concentration.
  • Flow sensors on the acid feed will achieve consistent product and production rate
  • Level sensors and switches can be provided on tanks to prevent overfilling or running pumps dry
  • Flow sensor and switches are used on the cooling water to ensure safe and sufficient flow.
  • Temperature sensors on acid streams will ensure safe temperatures.
  • Instrument display, PID controllers, and pump controls are located for easy access.

CG Thermal considers us your partner in process design.  We provide skid mounted sulfuric acid dilution systems custom designed for your process requirements.  If you are not looking for a skid mounted system, we can provide a menu of engineering services to sync with your in house capabilities, or just the components per your specifications.

Although our Impervite graphite is an option, we generally recommend our Umax Advanced Ceramic heat exchangers for most sulfuric acid dilution systems. The Umax tube will not corrode at any concentration.  Since it is 50% harder than tungsten carbide, the Umax tube can be used at higher velocities without concern of erosion.  The ability to operate at higher velocities coupled with it’s high thermal conductivity, make it the most thermally efficient choice.  The tubesheet design allows for easy access to all tubes for cleaning and in-house repair.

As an optional upgrade, we will include a recirculating loop to ensure thorough mixing and reduce the temperature seen by system components.  If your plant would benefit from redundancy, we will design with (2) heat exchangers in series.

The system will be supplied with a batch controller receiving temperature, flow, pressure and concentration inputs and generating outputs to control valves and pumps to maintain the desired outlet temperature and concentration.  An HDMI can either be skid or remotely mounted.

We can provide a proposal with as little information as the batch size (tons/day or lbs/hr) , inlet concentration and the desired diluted concentration.  Each system can be customized to meet your layout, material preferences, and specific needs.

Please provide us with your requirements.  We look forward to using our expertise to assist you.

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