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Fluoropolymers. Less Downtime. Lower Maintenance.


CG Thermal fully understands the specialized needs of the markets and customers that we serve, many whom demand custom-designed equipment to meet highly-corrosive process and/or plant conditions. In order to more fully serve our customers, CG Thermal has teamed up with Engiplas to provide a complete line of fluoropolymer lined components to complement our Impervite® graphite and Umax® ceramic heat exchangers. Since the 1970’s, Engiplas has been engineering and producing lined columns, vessels, and components for the chemical, bio-diesel, semiconductors, pharmaceutical, and water treatment industries. Along with their superior chemical resistance, fluoropolymers also provide thermal stability, high purity, non- bonding surfaces, and thermal and electrical insulation. Combining the above with metal and rigid structural materials, fluoropolymers provide a cost effective alternative to glass lined and exotic metal construction. Engiplas and CG Thermal engineers, with their combined experience with corrosion resistant materials, will assist you in overcoming your most difficult application challenges. We offer a complete array of fluoropolymers and processing techniques and can recommend which is most suitable for the given fluid properties, design temperature, design pressure, and shape and dimensional criteria to help address your most challenging issues including shape, corrosion resistance, permeation, volume and weight limitations, thermal expansion, piping connections, internals, and code requirements.

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