We invite you to the AlChE Central Florida 46th Annual Clearwater Conference

We invite you to the AlChE Central Florida 46th Annual Clearwater ConferenceContinuing the tradition of innovation in phosphate fertilizer and sulfuric acid technology, we invite you to join us at the 46th Annual Clearwater Conference. June 9th and 10th, CG Thermal is heading to Clearwater, FL to showcase technologies ranging from tried and true to exciting and new. Utilizing unique materials and cutting-edge designs, our team can help your plant handle the harsh and corrosive process streams present in the phosphate fertilizer and sulfuric acid industries.

“Each year for the last 45 years, members of the AIChE Central Florida Section and colleagues from all over the world have gathered at Clearwater Beach to share their ideas concerning Chemical Process Technology, specifically the production of Phosphoric Acid, Phosphate Fertilizers and Sulfuric Acid. The Convention provides ample excuse for a relaxing getaway with friends and family, good food, and a lot of fun! Hope to see you at Clearwater 2023.” – Clearwater Conference 

Let’s celebrate 46 years of the Clear Conference together! Click below to set up your schedule your in-person meeting with one of our experts.

Innovative and Proven Technologies for Phosphate Fertilizer & Sulfuric Acid Industries

Read below to preview the variety of technologies we will be showcasing at this year’s conference. We will have industry experts on-site to answer questions and meet the needs of your harsh and corrosive process streams.

Stream Temperature Control for Optimal Catalytic Operations: AirBTU VPRR

Are you looking for greater control of the high temperatures in your catalytic operation?  Are you looking for improved field reliability and safety? If so, stop by our booth at Clearwater. By integrating our AirBTU VPRR heat transfer solution, industry professionals can avoid common pitfalls and “design in” reliability and efficiency.

Sulfuric Acid Concentration/

Dewatering System: Extracid

The patented Extracid system uses a highly innovative approach to dewater sulfuric acid from low concentrations (10%) up to 97% at positive pressure. Vaporized water from the acid can be used as process steam and as such the Extracid process regains up to 70% of the system’s energy input. The system has a small footprint and saves on investment and operational costs.

Next Generation Graphite: Impervite® PPS-GR

The proprietary tube in the Impervite® PPS-GR combines the benefits of graphite and polymer materials to provide efficiency and reliability for water treatment, heat recovery, and process chemistries. This tube material provides an envious combination of resilience to operating stresses, corrosion resistance, thermal efficiency, low fouling, and maintainability.

Process System Design

We combine our extensive heat/mass transfer knowledge and fabrication capabilities with design and process expertise to deliver optimal, proven processing technology while incurring the lowest possible capital and operating expenses (CAPEX/OPEX) for the customer.

Ultimately, we understand that the engineering specifications for industrial process equipment are as different as the customers themselves, so we are dedicated to working within your framework to provide the custom services that your job requires.