This year, CG Thermal has a huge part in the RefComm Virtual Technical Conference by having two separate presentations and a virtual booth.

RefComm is the leading conference for training, safe unit operation, and production optimization within the delayed coking, fluid catalytic cracking, solvent deasphalting, resid hydrocracking, sulfur production, and processing units.

CG Thermal has the unique opportunity of presenting twice. The first presentation will be on Monday, May 10th at 10:30 AM called “Reliability and Efficiency for High Temperature Gas-To-Gas Heat Exchangers.” This presentation will touch on our company and the AirBTU, High-Temperature Variable Pitch Radial Recuperator.

The second presentation will also be on Monday but at 2:20 PM. This will deliver more insight to the AirBTU and why it’s so effective in the sulfur industry. There will be a Q&A immediately following the presentation.

If you’re experience cold-end corrosion, stress failures or a lot of maintenance downtime in your high temperature application, please register and attend either of our presentations to learn how to improve your operation.

When anybody visits an exhibition booth, they will have access to various documents, live chats, and the ability to schedule a meeting.

To register for this conference, please click here.