Join Us In Savannah for Specialty & Agro Chemicals America 2023

Join Us In Savannah for Specialty & Agro Chemicals America 2023

Join Us In Savannah for Specialty & Agro Chemicals America 2023

Join us in Savannah for Specialty & Agro Chemicals America 2023 – next week! We’ll be alongside all the industry leaders in specialty chemical and agrochemical, showcasing our unique technologies and expertise. Mark your calendars for June 20-22nd, and head down to Georgia to stay informed on new and exciting technologies. Find CG Thermal at Space L-57 and learn all about our innovative materials and processes, and how we can help your plant experience success with harsh and corrosive process streams.

“Specialty & Agro Chemicals America is focused on the chemical products and technologies that have specific applications for the agrochemical and specialty chemical manufacturing markets. “Specialty and Agro” covers a diverse range of chemical end-uses.” – Chemicals America 

We can’t wait to meet with you and discuss your chemical processing needs! Click below to schedule a meeting with one of our experts.

Unique Materials and Process for Specialty Materials and Agrochemical Industries

Read below to preview the variety of technologies we will be showcasing at this year’s conference. We will have industry experts on-site to answer questions and meet the needs of your harsh and corrosive process streams.

Next Generation Graphite: Impervite® PPS-GR

The proprietary tube in the Impervite® PPS-GR combines the benefits of graphite and polymer materials to provide efficiency and reliability for water treatment, heat recovery, and process chemistries. This tube material provides an envious combination of resilience to operating stresses, corrosion resistance, thermal efficiency, low fouling, and maintainability.

Process System Design

We combine our extensive heat/mass transfer knowledge and fabrication capabilities with design and process expertise to deliver optimal, proven processing technology while incurring the lowest possible capital and operating expenses (CAPEX/OPEX) for the customer.

Ultimately, we understand that the engineering specifications for industrial process equipment are as different as the customers themselves, so we are dedicated to working within your framework to provide the custom services that your job requires.

SiC Umax Advanced Ceramic Heat Exchanger

Our Umax SiC Advanced Ceramic heat exchanger excels in sulfuric acid systems and is a critical component for success in plant operation. Being universally corrosion and erosion resistant, Umax boast a lifetime warranty, and is the first choice for streams involving sulfuric acid. CG Thermal offers industry-leading technology and world-class heat exchangers that outperform the competition.

Sulfuric Acid Concentration/

Dewatering System: Extracid

The patented Extracid system uses a highly innovative approach to dewater sulfuric acid from low concentrations (10%) up to 97% at positive pressure. Vaporized water from the acid can be used as process steam and as such the Extracid process regains up to 70% of the system’s energy input. The system has a small footprint and saves on investment and operational costs.