Partnering For Optimal Plant Productivity

CG Thermal is long recognized and pursued as a high quality, customer focused heat exchanger, absorber, and process equipment OEM with strong technical capabilities in thermal and mechanical design for this equipment.  We combine this heat/mass transfer expertise and fabrication capabilities with design and process expertise to deliver optimal, proven processing technology to provide you with the lowest CAPEX solution. 

Engineering needs are as customer specific as process equipment.  So just as you expect more than “off the shelf ” process equipment from us, we do not have one “off the shelf” engineering solution.  We will work within your framework, to provide the services you require.  

Engineering Design Package – Includes complete engineering and
operations package, Haz-Op review on customer site and controls and
control instrument loops.
Major Equipment Package – Exchangers, Vessels, Pumps, Filters,
Controls, drum, tanks, etc.
Turn Key Packaged Unit – Skid packaged system consisting of galvanized
steel frame, ladders, electricals, controls, piping and equipment
Consulting Services – Trouble Shooting and Optimizing existing operations

We think you will find our transparency and straightforward approach very advantageous – And maybe a bit refreshing as well.  We encourage open dialogue to jointly reach the best solution.  We pride ourselves on listening closely to our customers in order to understand and anticipate their needs.  We have found this leads to innovation and continuous improvemnt on our products and services as well as the best solution to maximize your competative position.  

Our customers call on our expertise and look for our recommendations on thermal modeling, material selection, installation and maintenance.  We have built upon this know how, adding resources allowing us to expand our expertise in exchanger thermal modeling to include complete system process design and system build capabilities.  We accomplished this by forging close working relationships with partners that have vast experience in the fields we are pursuing. 

Many of our customers’ processes contain very aggressive acids particularly hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, or bromine.  Our Impervite graphite and Umax Advanced ceramic heat exchangers, as well as custom designed fluoropolymer vessels and components, are very well suited for these process environments, resulting in long successful operations.  

Providing the required corrosion resistance to minimize CAPEX is central to our mission. Therefore, working with technology partners, we will recommend and provide the most appropriate material for your process conditions.  These capabilities include a wide array of common and special metal alloy technologies.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you in a capacity that fulfills your needs.

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