The substrate used to grow mushrooms requires a sterilizer to kill all the bacteria contained in the substrate.  Accordingly, I purchased a pressure vessel from a consultant.  In order to operate a pressure vessel in Hawaii, it has to contain a National Board Medallion.  I along with many others including experts in the field tried to locate the Medallion and was unable to find it.  I contacted Greg Becherer of CG Thermal and he went out of his way to assist me.  I wasn’t a customer of CG Thermal and yet he answered my phone call at 5:30 pm on a Friday night and followed up with me on Monday morning.  Thanks to his commitment to assist I located the Medallion.  If CG Thermal allows its employees to service a non-customer, then you can only imagine how CG Thermal supports their buying customers!

Al Yamada

Owner, Mauna Kea Mushrooms