Coming up on April 4-7, the CG Thermal team will be a Co-Sponsor at the annual Sulfuric Acid Roundtable in The Woodlands, Texas, right outside of Houston.

The ​2022 Sulfuric ​Acid ​Roundtable (SAR), sponsored by Sulfuric Acid Today magazine, ​will ​consist ​of ​two ​and a ​half ​days ​of ​informative ​Co-Sponsor ​presentations, ​insightful ​Producer/Operator ​panel discussions &  presentations, a ​keynote ​address ​on ​the ​global ​sulfuric ​acid ​market, a sulfuric acid plant tour, ​and ​numerous ​networking ​opportunities.

Topics ​for ​the ​Producer/Operator Panel Discussions ​to ​include:

  • Acid ​Towers ​(tower ​internals, ​mist ​eliminators, ​circulation ​pump/piping, ​acid ​coolers ​and ​material ​of ​construction)
  • ​Converter ​Section ​(catalyst ​management and screening, ​converter design, ​maintenance, ​material of construction)
  • Process Gas Monitoring/Analyzers & NOx Formation and Abatement
  • Heat ​Exchangers ​(acid ​coolers ​shell ​& ​tube/plate/gas-gas)
  • Sulfur ​Handling ​and ​Storage, Pit Maintenance, Pumps​
  • Hydrogen ​Safety – Formation and Risk Mitigation

CG Thermal will have a booth and will focus their attention on the AirBTU VPRR and other sulfuric acid capabilities, such as custom-designed process equipment and engineering design.

This show is only open to sulfuric acid producers. If you’re interested, please register by clicking here.